Claudia Moosburger

July 2024

Fritz can also be found in the office. He also diligently takes telephone orders and is happy to be involved in every step. Whether it’s an order or information – Fritz is always available and happy to provide help and advice. Once the order has been received, the next step is initiated. The production process … Read more

June 2024

Fritz can’t be found and Christian goes in search of him and finds him. In the horsehair laundry, the hair is sorted beforehand and then washed very carefully. A specially made tub is filled with hair and soaked in water for two days. This removes a lot of dirt and we can start with the … Read more

May 2024

Immerse yourself in the world of sustainable production at the moosburger® Rosshaar Manufactur – this time we are in the in-house sewing room. Our 100% organic fabrics are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified, which means they are free from any chemicals. Our sewing room is ready for all sizes, shapes and curves. All covers, … Read more

April 2024

Discover the new and improved product description from moosburger®, the horsehair manufacture. We have carefully revised and updated them to provide even more information and transparency about our high-quality natural products. This important information brochure is enclosed with every horsehair product. In it, you can read useful care instructions and find out everything you need … Read more

March 2024

Here is a short video taken in Vienna during the Wohnen & Interieur trade fair this month. Christian’s spontaneity is simply brilliant and everyone can feel how he lives for this natural material horsehair. With heart and soul and full commitment – every day, this is no problem for Christian, because in the moosburger horsehair … Read more

March 2024

We firmly believe in the power of manual labour. Every piece that leaves our manufactory is the result of precise craftsmanship and a passion for quality. In a world that is often characterised by mass production and automation, we hold on to traditional craftsmanship. Because for us, every detail is important and every piece of … Read more

February 2024

Discover our Fritz now, because he “woke up” and goes now also online! Asking curious questions and eager to learn, he moves through in the Moosburger spinning mill. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of our horsehair manufacture, just available on Instagram and Facebook. Fritz presents the various work steps and processes behind the production … Read more

January 2024

Here’s a little update on our substructure: our electrically adjustable motor frame is now also available in a beech wood version. This means that even more nature is built in and the wooden frame is stable for our base mattress UF-RH 3/3. It looks very nice and gives the whole thing a little more naturalness. … Read more

December 2023

This year we also passed the re-certification by the OETI ÖTI – Institute for Ecology, Technology and Innovation GmbH in Vienna and the “inspected quality” label, which is so important to us, was updated again. So we can proudly present the label again for another year.

October 2023

Now it’s back – our popular moon phase calendar for 2024. Come by our showroom, at the trade fair or give us a phone call – we’ll be happy to send it to you by post. If you want, you can always download the current moon phase calendar from our website. The best way to … Read more