Claudia Moosburger

September 2022

We introduce ourselves… Anja, our new face in the office. After many years as a family manager and mother of 3 + 2 children, a new addition to our horsehair manufacture. In the future, she will actively support us here in the office and showroom in order processing and then also in customer service. Our … Read more


Now the “old” washing machine has also been relocated to its new place. When all the connections have been made, the first test wash can be started. We are already looking forward to the optimized process in our new laundry and wish all “a happy work”  

We indroduce ourselves…

Again we can present an “member” in our horsehair manufacture. Arafat has been with us for a while and supports the laundry department. Of course Arafat is also working in the upholstery and quilting. Arafat manages the tough work very well and has settled in very well in the team. He comes from the neighboring … Read more

July 2022

From the outside, our laundry is already finished and looks very “pretty”. It turned out to be a nice project and we are happy that the cooperation with the craftsmen and Gunnar, our coordinator, went so well. It can be seen…

June 2022

We had visitors from Japan in our house again. Shiori and Yoshimi visited us during their European trip. They also had a photographer with them. He captured all the impressions, the European suppliers, processes, etc. in order to present this in a book in time for the upcoming company anniversary next year. Of course we … Read more

We indroduce ourselves…

Since a few months we have a new face in our horsehair manufactury. Baris is now working and sewing in our sewing department with all his manpower and is also repeatedly “rent” to the upholstery department. It’s a real back and forth, because the father of two children has a very good feeling for the … Read more


The tub was also remade and constructed with an automation technique. We are already looking forward to the first wash in the new tub.

May 2022

Progress is being made and another stage has been completed. We are happy that we can start with the “clearing up”. The new centrifuge has been delivered and is ready to go. The tub has been renewed and we look forward to the “maiden” wash.

April 2022

A little more done and the new laundry is already taking on new forms. So it goes step by step into the final phase and we are confident that we will soon be able to start relocating the maschines from old to new place.

March 2022

The new laundry is already taking shape. The roughest construction work has already been completed and the planned extension is already in place with its shell. Robert and his partner have already painted the new washing rooms and made them shine in a beautiful light. The plant greenery roof is already being worked on, so … Read more