About us


For more than 100 years, the art of upholstery has been passed on in our family from
father to son. Indeed, this is how i learnt my craft as an upholsterer.

For 5 generations we have worked with a variety of upholstery materials, but my best experiences have been with horsehair as it has the ideal features of an upholstery material and best suits all climate conditions.

We now specialise in working with high quality horsehair. Now we accumulate, clean and purify the horsehair ourselves.

In our family-run business in Hörbranz, on Lake of Constance we work in our owm
laundry and spinning mill. We make the best horsehair quality produced by tradtional techniques.

To manufacture a pure horsehair mattress is the crowning achievment for a upholsterer and requires many years experience, practice and great care.

Sleeping on our matresses, mattress toppers and pillows will give you a healthy sense of wellbeing in harmony with nature. With our products we would like to servethose people who attach the greatest importance to sleep and who seek the highest quality.

For this purpose, I wish you a pleasure while reading and of course a good night`s sleep.

Yours sincerely
Christian Moosburger


horsehair pillow

With moosburger® horsehair pillows you have always a comfortable sleeping climate in summer and also in winter.  

Available in many different sizes.


horsehair mattress

100% horsehair filling
00% organic grown cotton
100% hand made

A healthy sleep without compromises.


solid wooden beds

Here at moosburger®  we have 3 several kind of beds to choose only joined together with wooden plugs.

Steady without metal.