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Starting next week, our popular insoles will be available again in all sizes. We are glad that we finally have the insoles in stock for you again and they can be sent at any time. Of course, we will promptly process and send the inquiries listed one then. Thank you very much for your patience!

April 2023

From now on, our roof is not only green, but also sustainable. The new photovoltaic system was finally delivered and perfectly installed. We would like to thank the craftsmen  for implementing the vision of generating our own electricity with the help of the sun. Now we not only produce our hot water for horsehair washing, … Read more

March 2023

A novelty and at the same time an extension of our product range. We can also offer now an electrically adjustable slatted frame in combination with our base mattress UF-RH/Biocen UM-RS. Both existing types of base mattress can be used and built in in this electrically extended slatted frame, making it a perfect addition when someone want to … Read more

February 2023


We can also produce such special individual pieces in our manufactory. Attached you can see a photo of a car seat – made to measure, because we can process and shape our horsehair in any size or curve. Now the driver can drive longer distances again – WITHOUT sweating. Horsehair regulates the temperature and humidity … Read more

January 2023


Our quilting machine is always assembled more and more into one part. The individual parts are now reassembled step by step to form one machine again. It’s not easy and there’s a lot of work behind it. It also takes a lot Know-how and skill that the machine can then be work again. Christian is … Read more

December 2022

Manual work by moosburger® is also popular here! On Friday the outstanding concrete work was started. Our “old” laundry is now getting a new floor and after completion the quilting maschine can finally be set up there again. The final work will be finished before Christmas holidays. Then we start again with the production of … Read more

November 2022

The remodelling and renovation of the production hall for the quilting machine is progressing. The room was dryed and is now getting a new screed. We are confident that we will be able to set up the quilting maschine again at the beginning of next year and then, of course, restart the production soonest. Then the … Read more

October 2022

We were finally able to present our new exhibition stand to the public last week. The Innsbruck Autumn Fair was the right place for the premiere. The new system has proven its worth during assembly and dismantling and worked well for us. We were able to easily combine the elements with our usual appearance – … Read more

September 2022

Our almost traditional annual barbecue took place at the beginning of September this year. Our employees, which has also grown in the meantime, celebrated an extensive party. All tjeir family members, whether big or small – young or old, were there and our Werner once again took care of the physical well-being. We have a … Read more

September 2022

We introduce ourselves… Anja, our new face in the office. After many years as a family manager and mother of 3 + 2 children, a new addition to our horsehair manufacture. In the future, she will actively support us here in the office and showroom in order processing and then also in customer service. Our … Read more