Horsehair is not just horsehair

For centuries, the upholsterer has applied the term 'horsehair' to twisted hair from
horse and cattle.
This is according to the ÖNORM S1690 and also in the German Norm RAL 399 C4.

Horse Tail Hair (RS)

Tail hair exclusively from horses, mostly longer than 15cm.

Tail Hair (SH)

Tail hair from horse and/or cattle, mostly longer than 10cm.

Horse Hair (RH)

Horse mane hair with at lest 20% tail hair.

The best possible quality

moosburger® - better than the average standard.

Here in our company, we produce the best possible horsehair.
We work with traditional machines to obtain these results.
Convince yourself.


In our laundry, the hair is sorted and washed with hot water, without any chemicals.
It is rinsed, with a lot of pure water.
The drying takes place in a system developed specially for moosburger®.


The moosburger® horsehair spinning mill twists the hair in very tight coils.  The longer the hair is and the tighter the coils, the more resiliency the hair has after untwisting.


Using a well-tried method with steam, the twisting is fixed permanently.  The horsehair is carefully steamed at low temperatures for at least two hours.
It is then elastic and perfectly hygienic.


After 24 hours in the drying chamber, the hair is stored for at least three months in controlled air conditions. The long rest enables the hair to regenerate for the later temperature and humidity regulations.

For the pure horsehair mattresses and lining, moosburger® uses only horse tail hair (RS). For the pillows, the softer blond cattle tail hair is used. (SH).   Here in the horsehair factory, the extra long and thin braids are untwisted and combed to their maximum fullness.

Allergy - what is not included cannot harm

House-dust Allergy

House-dust allergy sufferers usually react to the excrement of the house-dust mite.The mite needs warm, humid conditions to multiply. moosburger®  horsehair allows air to flow through the product, so that the body stays dry and pleasantly cool even during hot weather. There is no sweating and no freezing. In moosburger® products using only horsehair the atmosphere is too dry for mites to reproduce.

Horse hair-Allergy

Horse hair allergy sufferers are (soft) protein allergy sufferers. For example, they react to the outer protein layer of
the hair and sometimes also to the sweat, excrement and urine of horses. Tlrough thorough washing and steaming of the horse hair, the (soft) protein layer and all din and odours are removed.

Harmful-substance Allergy

The Moosburger horse hair products are 100% natural inside and outside.
The filling is 100% horse hair. The cover is 100% organically grown cotton, non-bleached,
non coloured.

Eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatitis:
People with these symptoms often have an allergic reaction to harmful substances.
Heat also encourages the itching.

What is not included, cannot harm.

moosburger® horse hair is
  • extremely elastic
  • allows the flow of air even under enormous pressure
  • lasts for 80 - 100 years
  • 100% natural