We have various mattress pads to improve your sleep.

Our fluffy moosburger®  horse hair mattress pads make lying on a firm mattress softer and more comfortable.

All pads are very durable and easy to care for.


These pads are approx. 5 cm deep and make over-firm mattresses softer and more comfortable.

They are also excellent climate equalizers: being pleasantly cool in the heat and warm in cold conditions and are excellent for use on standard commercial mattresses.

The BIOCEN MA-RS is made up of individual elements, which are filled with 100% moosburger® horse tail hair.

Moving the individual elements from the more strained area in the centre of the mattress to the edges, ensures a longer life for the product.

The hair can regenerate very good in the head and foot area. After many years of use, the BIOCEN MA-RS can be reconditioned, making it like new again.

The cover is made of 100% organically grown cotton and can be washed at a maximum temperature of 60°C.


This pad is approx. 3 cm deep and filled with 100% moosburger® tail hair. The sleeping climate on mattress, which are too cold or too warm, is much improved by the high circulation of air through the pad.

The quilting stitching prevents shifting or slipping of the filling and thus the pad can be hand-washed with soap.


The mattress soft shell MH-RS is a topper with the same advantages as MS-RS, but is sewn with a fabric ground and over 3 sides with a zipper. This makes the three-part mattress (or 6 parts) visually visible as a whole unit. It can, of course, also be sewn at any height for other mattresses. So you will also feel the temperature and moisture regulation of horsehair.

Horse hair Pads

  • The pads last longer by moving the elements
  • By reconditioning, after many years of use, the pad is made like new again
  • The cube pillows are washable at a maximum of 30° C.

Good to know

Our HORSEHAIR TOPPER is also suitable for boxspringbeds. They make lying on a firm mattress softer and more comfortable.

The high flow of air through the product makes sleeping equally pleasant in summer and winter.