We introduce ourselves…

Since November we also have a new face in our horsehair manufacture. With his funny manner, the newcomer Hasan is an asset to our company. With his physical strength and power he supports us from the laundry to the spinning mill, from filling cube pillows, neck pillows and as can be seen at the photo, toppers are also optimally filled and finished by him. His first major order, filled by hand, was completed and shipped to the fullest satisfaction. We are happy to welcome Hasan, as a new family member, in our middle. Good luck and keep your humor and funny manner.

new sewing maschine

Family addition at moosburger®
We have received a new longarm – sewing machine from JUKI.
It is in use every day and from now on.
This maschine is used to sew mattress covers of all sizes for our customers.

With 3000 stitches per minute, Karen can hardly be stopped.

We introduce ourselves…

FATMA is joy in person.
She infects us all with her laugh and turns a rainy day into a sunny day. Fatma always does the quilting of our toppers and duvets with pinpoint accuracy. No measure is too big for her and thus she enables many customers to sleep comfortably. Thanks to her brisk sewing, she always ensures that our elements are replenished. Cushion shells are sewns by her and provided with our labels. With her delicious „Baklavas“ she sweetend the break for us.

moosburger® in Taiwan

Our partner Fantastisch Furniture in Taiwan show you the right direction.
A big poster stands in the curve of a golf course and everyone can see it where our
naturproducts are available in Taiwan.

Congratulation and good idea Mrs. May!

We introduce ourselves…

WERNER is always and everywhere in action where he is needed. If a thread is not threaded correctly on a sewing machine, his trained eye can see it from afar. Sharpening knives and scissors in the house also makes him very „sharp“. When a sewing machine has to be repaired, Werner is always on hand and has the necessary patience to find and fix the fault. At our company celebrations, he always cooks excellent food for all of us and always has a culinary surprise ready for us.


We indroduce ourselves…

JENNY is our swett chick. She is artistically very talented and made our logo “Fritz” awakened. The proven and tested insoles are also lovingly sewed by her and then made into a pair. When drawing the fabric cut, she always shows a steady hand and marks the right place in the fabric with every pick. In this way, the individual pieces of fabric can always be sewn together evenly when sewing. The pillow bags are also sewn by Jenny and they give our horsehair pillows a beautiful ecological packaging and this is very much appreciated by our customers all over the world.

We indroduce ourselves…

BILAL is our “spinning man”. He prefers to work in the spinning mill and always has his braids evenly under control. Bilal has a very good hand when it comes to the precise mixture and consistent quality. When untwisting his spun hair, he always makes enough meters. When filling the neck pillow, he keeps an eye on every tiny bump and repairs it professionally. His calm allows the cooperation to harmonize with all. As a first aider in our company, Bilal is here for everyone‘s ouchie and always treats everyone carefully. The home-grown hot peppers are his best and healthy medicine.

We indroduce ourselves…

CLAUDIA, is the boss’s wife and is responsible for order processing and correspondence in the office. The shipping to the customers all over the world is organized and done by her with passion.
No destination is too far. Claudia issues the customs documents and certificates correctly and rounds off the transport organization. At trade fairs, she works hand in hand with her husband and enjoys making contacts in German and English.
Claudia is always there for customers in the showroom and, if necessary, she personally helpslends a hand in forwarding.


We indroduce ourselves…

WALTER, our senior boss is passionate about horsehair. He learned to love working as an upholsterer from his father. His ideas have made our horsehair manufactory what it is today. As the creator of the neck pillow, which he sold by thousands and provided the idea for today’s Biocen system – he is a large part of our company’s history,.

Walter always strived to provide the customer with the best sleeping position. His commitment has always been to thelongevity and sustainability of our products. In the 45 years of active trade fair stand support, Walter has made a lot of friends at home and abroad.


We indroduce ourselves

IDA, the senior boss’s wife – has been with us for decades. She sews the shells and covers of our pillows.
Sewing the special shapes requires a lot of sensitivity and know how as well as the necessary routine and she brings all of that with her. Ida does the finish very skillfully with the iron and so our customers always get wrinkle-free, high-quality cotton damask covers from our company. Ida also has a green thumb for the plants in and around the production and showroom. She always takes care of the flowers with care and love.