duvet ZU-RH

  •  100% horsemanehair
  •  quilted with the shell made of
    100% organic cotton
  •  available in any size
  •  easy to care
  •  washable as a whole at 30 °C
  •  fast drying

    Due to the ruffling of the horsehair, there is a large air cushion between the individual hairs, which provides an insulation during the night. The skin can breathe and so overheating is not possible.


Cradle Mattress

  • filled with fluffy horsehair
  • hand stitched
  • easy to care for
  • can be washed in one piece (the cover seperatly with 60°C too)
  • dries quickly
  • does not retain smells
  • all sizes available

Child`s Mattress

  • filled with horse or cattle tail hair
  • available as BIOCEN O or OH
  • single elements can be washed at 30°C
  • cover can be washed at 60°C
  • dries fast
  • does not retain smells
  • can be re-furbished
  • all sizes available

Horse Hair insoles

  • no sweating
  • no cold feet
  • ideal for summer and winter
  • 100% natural

Seat cushion SC-RH

  •  square or semi-circular
  • can be made with ties  or elastic
  • washable at a maximum of 60°C
  • can be tumble-dried
  • perfect base for every seat
  • all sizes available

Seat cushion SI-RS

  • filled with horse tail hair
  • completely washable
  • very durable
  • ideal for every chair and bench seat
  • made to measure

Wedge seat cushion KS-RS

  • Support for sitting upright
  • very stable
  • no sweating
  • cover washable
  •   standard size 40 cm x 40 cm,
    depth from 1cm to 8cm

Wheele chair cushion

  • Supports upright position
  • no sweating
  • completely washable
  • very durable, can be refurbished
  • made to measure