Mattress: BIOCEN O-RS 3/3
Mattress base: UF-RH 3/3

The moosburger® BIOCEN O-RS combined with the under-mattress UF-RH provides a firm agreeable sleeping system.

Excellent for back ache, spine and intervertebral disc problems.

Mattress: BIOCEN MA-RS
Mattress base: BIOCEN UM-RS 3/3

The BIOCEN UM-RS combined with the BIOCEN MA-RS gives a cuddlier sleeping feeling.

Mattress: BIOCEN OH-RS

The moosburger® BIOCEN OH-RS is especially suitable on flexible slatted frames. The mattress moves with every movement of the frame.

Mattress: BIOCEN O-RS
Mattress base: STANDARD

The moosburger®  mattress BIOCEN O-RS can be used on every stable mattress base. The more flexible the base, the more flexible is the mattress.

Mattress pad: BIOCEN MA-RS
Mattress base: STANDARD

The moosburger® mattress pad BIOCEN MA-RS  makes the sleeping surface more yielding and softer. It is ideal for an over firm mattress.

Mattress pad: MS-RS
Mattress base: STANDARD

The moosburger® MS-RS improves the sleeping atmosphere on cold or over warm mattresses.
Ideal in summer and winter.