Neck pillows help neck tension, shoulder pain and also pins and needles in the arms. Even pain in the small of the back can be reduced or even eliminated.

moosburger® supplies pillow rolls for lying on the back and sturdy pillows for lying on the side. All neck pillows can be personally adjusted by adding or reducing hair to suit individual needs. The air-flow through the hair makes the pillows pleasantly cool under the head and neck. The pillows are filled with moosburger® cattle tail hair which is a little softer and more suitable as a filling for pillows.

Moosburger horse tail hair is used especially for Asiatic customers. moosburger® horse tail hair lasts for decades. After 7 - 10 years use renovation of the pillow is recommended. The hair will be cleaned and recombed to an even density.

Neck pillow A

Size: 40 x 82 cm
Filling: cattletail- or horsetail hair
Cover: 100% organically grown cotton

moosburger® horse hair pillows are offered as a pillow roll for sleeping on the back and two higher pillows for sleeping on either side.

The curve on each side of the pillow is ideal for the foetal position. The head lies in a comfortbble position on the pillow even when lying in a curled up side position. The curve relieves the shoulders and supports them. Apersonal ear depression can easily be made. The neck pillow can be washed in one piece and after several years of use it can be renovated by washing and recombing.

We make suitable covers for every pillow in our in-house sewing factory. The cotton damask is made from 100% organically grown cotton certified by GOTS i.e. It confirms to the highest ecological guidelines.

Neck pillow B

Size: 25 x 60 cm
Filling: cattletail- or horsetail hair
Cover: 100% organically grown cotton

The neck pillow B is narrower and a llittle lower than the neck pillow A.

The moosburger® B is especially recommended for children from about 6 years old and daintily built people. It is ideal for use as a travel pillow.

Neck pillow CF

Size: 40 x 80 cm
Filling: cattletail- or horsetail hair
Cover: 100% organically grown cotton
with an additional Mollino cover

It is similar than the neck pillow A but has no curves on either side. It is suitable for people who do not roll the head while sleeping in the side position. We have made it with an cover inside and so you can wash the outer cover with 60° C in the washing maschine. Any standard cover size 40 x 80 cm is suitable for this pillow.

Neck pillow H

Size: 30 x 47 cm
Filling: cattletail- or horsetail hair
Cover: 100% organically grown cotton

It is only suitable for sleeping in the side positions. People who seldom or never turn arround find the Moosburger H a sturdy stable pillow. It can also be used as travel pillow or a cushion for medition.

suitable pillow covers

Our damask covers are made out of 100% organically grown cotton and are finished by GOTS.
These are of course sewn for every pillow size in our own sewing department in house.
As an alternative, we can also offer our covers in 50% linen / 50% cotton.
There are various colors and motifs to choose out for you.

Care Instructions

It is very easy to care for horse hair pillows. all that is required to air them once or twice a year in the morning sun.
The best way to clean the pillows when the moon is moving.