Art. Nr. 21090 RH - T tight twisted

packing unit:
1 bundle with app. 14 kg
braid diameter:
appr. 22 mm +/- 2 mm
braid twists: appr. 74 twists per metre +/- 2
braid weight: appr. 205 g per metre +/- 10%

horsehair braid - after untwisting best siuted as highquality layer on other upholstery materials.

Art. Nr. 21890 RH - Z loose

packing unit: 1 carton with 10 kg

RH tight twisted is simulaneously untwisted and combed by maschine.

Art. Nr. 24030 RH - G filler pad on gauze

packing unit:
rolls/layers with 90 or 100 cm width
RH = 1 kg/m² or more, gauze: 100% visocse fibre, white, appr. 30 g/m²
backing / binder by 1 metre width = 24 spunbond

RH tight twisted is untwisted by maschine and blown up to a lightly needled pad with gauze as backing.

Art. Nr. 23030 ESMJ - RH1 horsehair stitch pad

packing unit: roles with 1 m width and max. up to 6 m length
material highness: appr. 4 mm

RH is untwisted by maschine and blown up to a lightly needled pad with jute. Afterwards in chequers
of 1 cm with a cotton thread stitched on to the pad out of jute as backing.

Good to know

Optimal as a quality horsehair covering in mattresses like on latex, innterspring or foam-substruction etc.