Pillow E

The rectangular horse hair pillow E, size 40x60 cm, filled with cattletail- or horsetail hair creates a pleasant atmosphere for sleeping. The pillow E is filled less densely than the pillow type F2. It is especially suitable for young people and daintily built people.

Pillow F2

Our horsehair pillow F2, measuring
40x80 cm is a further development and a sensation in the pillow sector. The pillow is filled with 2 elements each with a different firmness (2/3 and 1/3). Now it is easy to get the desired firmness. It is also possible to use the pillow first with one element as filling and later with both elements. Thus the pillow can be used as a baby pillow and as a firm pillow for adults. The washing of the cover is very easy as the elements can be taken out and put back in again.

Pillow G2

Newest pillow from moosburger®:

The G2 with standard size 50x70 cm is a firmly filled pillow. The optimal temperature and humidity regulation ensures that you will sleep well straight away.

The filling is like the pillow F2 (please see above photo of F2) with 1/3 and 2/3 filling partitioned.

Also new, the zipper is sewn over 2 sides.

Now you have the possibility to adjust the pillow right from the start.

It is very easy to take out and also to refill the 2 different fillingpillows in the cover of 100% ecological cotton.

Every pillow you can have with an appropriate cotton damask cover which all are certified by GOTS.

Baby pillows D / DE

The flat horse hair baby pillows D-RH and DE-RH 40x60 cm have a pain relieving effect for teething and babies with earache.

For generations it has been known that the high flow of air cools in the heat and warms when it is cold.

moosburger® uses 100% organically grown cotton. There is nothing to prevent a healthy sleep for the baby.

Suitable pillow covers certified by GOTS are also available and are well tolerated by infants.

Pillow info

For people who are inclined to sweat the horse hair pillow is a blessing. It can be made to individual requirements of height and firmness and is very durable. It has been used thousands of times since the 1980`s.