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moosburger® horse hair mattresses, horse hair pads and horse hair pillows have proved their reliability thousands of times since the 1980's. Due to the enormous air circulation they create
an unbeatable pleasant and dry sleeping environment.

For people who are inclined to sweat or suffer from rheumatism they are a blessing. They help the healing process for people with allegies (from house dust or harmful substances) or skin problems (excema, psoriasis, neuro-dermatitis).

All products are 100% natural inside and out so they relieve the immune and resistance systems. Sleep will be healthier.

The energy from the horse hair activates the the energy centre (Chakra). The vitality from the horse hair transfers to the human being. It is the experience of natural healing therapists that energy blockages are relieved in this way.

Neck Pillow

By kreativklinik | 19. June 2019