For many generations under mattresses have been made by upholsterers and saddlers for use with high quality mattresses. They extend the use of every mattress. The under mattresses are often replaced today by a slatted bed frame.

For many years, moosburger®  has been producing under mattresses without using metal. The three parts are padded with horse hair and can easily be moved.

Each part is covered with a breathable mattress material.

UF-RH 3/3

With the UF-RH the wooden laths are padded with horse hair. Due to the air circulation through the horse hair, no moisture is deposited on the wooden laths thus reducing wear of the under mattress. The horse hair upholstery acts as a breathable mattress cover giving a constant dry environment under the mattress.

This extends the life of the mattress.

The middle of the under mattress receives most strain. By exchanging the 3 parts sagging of the laths in the buttocks area is prevented and the under mattress lasts longer.

The moosburger®   under mattress can be used in every existing bed.

We also have a solution for people who need the head or foot area to be higher.  Wooden wedges are stuck onto the wooden frame to raise the head and foot area.

Biocen UM-RS 3/3

In the UM-RS 3/3, the BIOCEN system is padded with an additional 7 kgs horse tail hair. The element system prevents a slipping of the contents.

It is washable and individually exchangeable. Combined with the BIOCEN MA-RS it gives a cuddlier feeling when sleeping.

Advantage of the 3/3 under mattress

The single pieces are light and convenient. They can be moved by one person without straining the back. The airing of the bed is very easy.