Wheele chair cushion

The moosburger®  wheel chair cushion has proved to be very reliable over the years. It is available in the BIOCEN system with 100% horse tail hair.

It is individually filled i.e. the front of the cushion can be filled more or less than the back of the cushion.

The cushion is completely washable and can be tumble-dried. The huge air circulation encourages an upright position.

The upholstery guarantees durability.


The support MC-RH is eminently suitable for use in the nursing field. It is washable in one piece and can be used on any bed. People who through illness, spend a lot of time in bed, immediately feel the air circulation and the skin can breath again. It encourages an upright position.


This horse hair cushion is available as a square or semi-circle and is closely quilted.   It has 100% horse hair filling and 100% organic cotton cover. It is washable in one piece at 60°C  and can be tumble-dried. It can be made to measure in any size.  Suitable for use on all conventional cushions