Full horse hair mattresses have been made by hand for over 200 years by upholsterers and saddlers. Moosburger have been producing full horse hair mattresses in a square block system since 1982. These are still made by us, by hand. Our horse hair mattresses can be used for a life time. The moosburger®  horse tail hair lasts for 80-100 years. After 15-20 years a reconstruction is recommended. The hair is combed to a new fullness and when necessary the cover can be replaced.

The BIOCEN System

On the inside the mattress is divided into chambers by material partitions, that extend the whole width of the mattress.  Zips on both sides, mean that it is always possible to access the interior. 

The moosburger® mattresses are filled with identical square blocks of horse tail hair.  Changing the single blocks from the buttocks area to the head or feet area allows the hair to regenerate.

Biocen O-RS

Height:  approx 11cm
Filling:  100% horse tail hair
Cover:  100% organically grown cotton

The inside of the mattress is filled with a minimum of 60 square horse hair blocks. The high flow of air gives an unbeatable, pleasant, dry sleeping environment - a blessing in summer and winter.

The BIOCEN O-RS is usually produced in 3 parts (on request, it can be made in 1 or 2 parts)

The 3 divisions extend the length of life of the mattress. The exchanging of the parts prevents the building up of a cooling effect in the centre. 

Mattress care is simple since the single parts can be easily moved by one person without straining the back.

Through the reliable BIOCEN system, the mattress pieces have soft pliable edges which measured together are longer than the size of the mattress. 

When placed on the bed base the 3 pieces are pressed together thus closing the gaps. In order to do this a bed frame is needed that confines the mattress at the head and foot.

The individual square blocks of moosburger® horse hair are washable at a maximum of 30°C and the KbA cotton is washable at a maximum of 60°C.

As the mattress is 100% natural, inside and outside, it relieves the immune system, giving healthier sleep and a healthier person.

Biocen OH-RS 1/1

Height:  approx. 7cm
Filling:  100% horse tail hair
Cover:   100% organically grown cotton

1 part mattress is especially suitable on a very flexible base as it responds to every individual movement of the base. In Japan, the thin mattresses are suitable as a futon on Tatamis (rice straw mats).

  • The filling blocks can be washed as above
  • The possibility of changing the places of the blocks extends the life of the mattress

Good to know

The enormous flow of air gives an unbeatable, pleasant, dry sleeping environment - a blessing both in summer and winter.
100% natural purity, leads to a natural healthy sleep.

Washing and airing the single elements is very easy: