June 2019

We also visited our partner Auskim in Seoul/Korea. After a warm welcome and visits to the stores, also a training conducted on site by Christian. We would like to thank you very much for the cooperation and hospitality.

June 2019

Christian and Claudia Moosburger visited Taiwan.
Our partner May and Christian were invited to radio “Classical” in Taichung for a radio interview about horsehair.
With the following link you can listen to the whole interview:

We also want to say thanks for the warm welcome in Taiwan.

February 2019

Once again a new event took place in Taiwan with our moosburger® products.
With such events, the natural products are brought closer to the people and can be presented.
After the material has been felt, the customer immediately feels the benefits of the unique horsehair products.
Thanks a lot for the great work!

January 2019

From now on our product description is also available in English language.
This allows our foreign customers to read the helpful information and care instructions.
Of course again with the control stamp of moosburger®.

December 2018

moosburger® successfully passed the certification by the ÖTI Institute for Ecology, Technology and Innovation GmbH in Vienna and is now allowed to publish the new label.
This label now officially confirms what moosburger® has been doing for a long time!

100% organic production, responsible use of energy and packaging resources, and the utmost attention to all processed products.

November 2018

Moosburger® is now brand new in Taiwan and the various natural products could also be shown to the interested people.
In combination with the cometend advice the horsehair products were also very popular.

September 2018

NEW and already available the  moosburger® moon calendar for 2019!

Download possible now.

August 2018

The work was carried out by numerous helpers and we would like to thank them once again for your tireless efforts.
The many months of the renovation phase are over now and now we want again take off with even more vigor.


the last screw tightened!

After our fire in December 2016 we have finally completed the renovation.

June 2018

The sequel to our Moosburger Image Film 2.0 now to see and hear.
Please click on the following link:

September 2017

NEW and already available the moosburger® moon calendar for 2018!

Download possible now.