Neuigkeiten – DE

We indroduce ourselves…

Again we can present an “member” in our horsehair manufacture. Arafat has been with us for a while and supports the laundry department. Of course Arafat is also working in the upholstery and quilting. Arafat manages the tough work very well and has settled in very well in the team. He comes from the neighboring … Read more

July 2022

From the outside, our laundry is already finished and looks very “pretty”. It turned out to be a nice project and we are happy that the cooperation with the craftsmen and Gunnar, our coordinator, went so well. It can be seen…

We indroduce ourselves…

BILAL is our “spinning man”. He prefers to work in the spinning mill and always has his braids evenly under control. Bilal has a very good hand when it comes to the precise mixture and consistent quality. When untwisting his spun hair, he always makes enough meters. When filling the neck pillow, he keeps an eye … Read more

We indroduce ourselves…

WALTER, our senior boss is passionate about horsehair. He learned to love working as an upholsterer from his father. His ideas have made our horsehair manufactory what it is today. As the creator of the neck pillow, which he sold by thousands and provided the idea for today’s Biocen system – he is a large … Read more

Wir stellen vor…

WALTER, unser Senior Chef ist mit Leib und Seele dem Rosshaar verschrieben. Von seinem Vater hat er das Arbeiten als Polsterer lieben gelernt. Seine Ideen haben die Rosshaar-Manufactur zu dem gemacht, was sie heute ist. Als Erfinder des Nackenkissens, das er selbst zu tausenden verkauft hat und als Ideengeber für das heutige Biocen-System ist er … Read more

Welt der Wunder TV

Finally the time had come and our contribution about the horsehair manufacture was broadcast on TV. We were very happy about it and the reporting was very informative. You can watch the program again with the following link:

fair update November 2020


Now it is a sad certainty, because we hereby have to inform you that the Heim + Handwerk trade fair in Munich from November 25th – 29th, 2020 has unfortunately been canceled. The background to the cancellation is the deteriorating development of the corona pandemic, with uncontrollably soaring infection numbers and local lockdowns.  

We indroduce ourselves


KAREN is pre-eminent in her field sewing department. No size or shape is too complicated for her. She masters many difficult challenges of our customers with her know-how and years of experience. She learned this hand craft from scratch as an apprentice here at moosburger®. Each of our sewing machines can be operated by her and … Read more

Expert opinion on firm mattresses

Ecognized physiotherapists also speak in favor of a firm mattress to minimize or even eliminate back problems.A proponent for our firm horsehair mattress is Max Krome.You are welcome to read his experiences and analyzes under the following link: