Frequently asked questions

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I have a horse hair allergy. Can I sleep on horse hair?

Yes.When someone has a soft protein allergy, it is caused by the hair root, the sweat or excrement of the animal, which starts to go mouldy after a short time.  It is these mould spores, which cause the allergic reaction.  Our horse hair is washed with plenty of clean hot water and afterwards steamed to a minimum temperature of 98 degrees C.  Now the hair contains exclusively keratin (like for example finger nails, bones etc.).  Thus there is nothing to rot.

Does horse hair support house mites?

No.  The house mite feeds mainly on mould spore.  The horse hair is exclusively keratin, which does not get mouldy and is therefore not a breeding ground for the house mite.  Also, the house mite needs a constant humidity of 70-80%.   In a full horse hair mattress, there is a high air circulation, which provides a climate, which is too dry for the house mite.  A person with a high fever creates a climate with a maximum humidity of 55%.  The air circulation in the horse hair, is the most effective protection against the house mite.

I have a very old horse hair mattress. What can I do with it?

It is always worthwhile to refurbish our horse hair. Due to the high quality treatment the hair has a life span from 80-100 years. We recommend that our pillows should be refurbished by us after about 7-10 years and the mattresses after about 15-20 years. By this process the hair is loosened, dry cleaned and combed out again. On request the cover can be replaced with a new one. After a few days you will get a product from us that is equal to a new one.


My mattress has become an indentation. What can I do?

An unstable mattress base can frequently cause an unwanted indentation to develop. Horse hair has a very good elasticity. If there is a constant weight in one area such as in the buttock area over a long period of time, a indentation can develop. With our reliable BIOCEN system and the 3 parts of the mattress, this can be avoided by moving the indented section to an area that carries less weight. If there is very little air circulation under the bed, it is recommended to air it on a regular basis so that indentation can be avoided.

What is the best way to care for my horse hair product?

The best care for our horse hair products is airing. Pillows which carry a heavier weight than the mattress should be aired 3-4 times a year. Just open the zip and put the pillow in the morning sun (preferably at the change of the moon - Moon goes on to). For mattresses airing once or twice a year is sufficient. The mattress can also be vacuumed with the hose of a vacuum cleaner. In this way fresh air is sucked through the hair.

Can my new born baby sleep on horsehair?

The hair is washed by us exclusively with organic soap and lots of hot clear water. The cover is made of 100% guaranteed organic cotton and is prepared without chemicals. Our cotton Damask is prepared aaccording to GOTS which means an infant can sleep on it without the cover having to be washed beforehand. What is not included, cannot cause harm.

My child wets the bed. What should I do?

No problem. 
The single BIOCEN elements can be washed in the washing machine with washing powder for delicate fabrics, in the 'wool wash' programme and dried afterwards in the tumble dryer on the 'iron damp' programme. The cover can be washed at a maximum of 60 degrees C. 
The bed can be used again in the evening.

Are extra horses slaughtered for the sake of the horehair?

No, of course not!
In a horse with an average weight of about 600 kgs, about 0.3 kg is left over. The meat is used for food and in the animal food industry. The skin is used as leather for coats, shoes and handbags. We as a horsehair manufacturer are the last link in this chain. The hair has a very long lifespan which lasts through 5 generations. Horsehair is a long life raw material.